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Low Cost BML Mentoring

Hiring a consultant to get guidance about starting your business can be expensive and often not that helpful for new startups. The first half hour is usually free, then the fees jump to $100 per hour or more. Here is an affordable solution for entrepreneurs. Blog by John Bell

The Innoception Accelerator is now offering an affordable BML Mentoring Program for entrepreneurs and startups. Meet in person for up to 2 hours with an experienced entrepreneur/mentor for $10 or less to discuss and analyze your startup problems and help in finding and implementing solutions, You can also do this on a weekly basis if needed. Note that our expertise is in cost effective early stage business development and planning - NOT marketing and sales programs.

Here are a few things to know about BML mentoring. First, you should come prepared to clearly describe 1) your business, markets, and competition, 2) the potential value of your chosen markets, and 3) the value proposition your business offers in these markets. Be prepared with these three items before talking with any mentor. It will avoid wasting a lot of valuable mentor time in learning and understanding your business concept. Our free Public Business Concept Canvas is ideal for clearly and concisely depicting your business with the key information that mentors will need to know.

Learning at Lunch

Secondly, BML means Buy Me Lunch mentoring. So we are offering over an hour of startup mentoring for up to three people, in return for you buying your mentor’s lunch in or near the Draper, Sandy, or Midvale area - from 11 AM to 1 PM on most weekdays. Spread among three people that is less than $4 each for over an hour of quality startup business mentoring. Breakfast mentoring slots are also available form 8am to 10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To request your BML mentoring sessions just email your name, topic, location and date/time you would like to meet, and a description of you business idea on our Business Profile Canvas (it doesn't have to be complete, just what you currently think/know) to

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